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 •       UPSCLR – A GasPal Computing Grid From a Petrel File

•        Read GIIP, pore volume, horizontal permeability values directly from

      a Petrel model file — up-scale to a grid for GasPal – which reads

       grid file and sets up computations.

•        Have UPSCLR use Bg factor, net to gross, Sw and Petrel cell coordinates

     to calculate GIIP and pore volume — a check on Petrel values.

–      Create report on differences in pore volume or GIIP.

•        Add pseudo wells to generate a finer grid for more detailed simulation

     and possible infill drilling.

•        Graphically view reservoir attributes including Sw, φ, and Kh.

•        Customize color, text, zoom level, etc in reported reservoir graphs.

•        Switch view through formation layers to see difference in values

     as depth changes.




Tutorial A quick tutorial on how to upscale a reservoir model from Petrel to GasPal


(Software is for unlimited ownership of purchased version.) 


  • Fix errors in calculation, data input, graphic display and tabular output.
  • Test and validate calculation results questioned by users.
  • Issue updated release if Microsoft updates Windows OS libraries that affect the operation of the software.
  • Issue updated versions of Upsclr License as needed.
  • Answer questions related to the operation of the software, up to 8 hours per license, per year. Help beyond 8 hours is  considered training or consulting.
  • Update and issue documentation and online HTML User Guides as needed.



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