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Dr. Elmer Lloyd Doughtery


Dr. Dougherty



Elmer Dougherty, founder and President of Maraco, develops and applies software to analyze and optimize oil and gas development and operation. In addition to Maraco, he founded D2 Computing & Scientific Software.

He has consulted in Australia (Santos), The Netherlands (EBN, TOTAL), Indonesia (TOTAL), Saudi Arabia (Aramco), Kuwait (Kuwait Oil), Libya (Oasis) & Iran (Consortium).

He is Emeritus Professor, USC, (24 years Petroleum and Chemical Engineering). Industrial experience includes Chevron, Esso, Dow Chemical and Union Carbide.

A Distinguished Member of SPE, receiving its J.J. Arps Award, Ferguson Medal & Regional Service Award (Los Angeles), he has coauthored over 50 technical papers.

His BS is from Kansas U where he was recently inducted into its Chemical/Petroleum Engineering Hall of Fame. His MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering are from Univ. of Illinois. 

SPE recently conferred the distinction of Legion of Honor Member to the Professor for career-long service to the petroleum industry  and the petroleum engineering profession and for more than 50 years continuous membership in the Society of Petroleum Engineers.


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