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GOMAN Optimized Oil Production Plan

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GOMAN – The Gas & Oil Systems Optimizer
 Maximize NPV (discounted sum of revenues minus costs) from a targeted production profile in a planning horizon to generate optimal development and production plan
 Define onshore and offshore reserves of oil & gas to be produced
 Create model connecting reservoirs through surface processing facilities to markets
 Enter data for reservoirs and surface facilities: operating characteristics, existing capacities and allowed expansions
 Tailor user-defined oil production curves to represent cost-capacity relationship for oil
 Determine optimal development plan for gas reservoirs using Maraco’s GMAN.OPT, translate into cost-capacity relationship for gas
 Define details of surface facility expansions including Separators and
– For oil: Water processing and injection, gas lift, downhole pumps
– For gas: Compressors, gas processing and NGL plants
 Define CAPEX, OPEX, discount, escalation rates and other economic factors for all components of the system
 Define markets: Demand rates
– For oil: Price by grade, API and sulfur limits
– For gas: Price of sales gas, NGL
 Run optimization: cumulate revenues from sales of oil, gas and NGL (and sulfur), add operating and investment costs, maximize sum over time
 Plot-analyze results, report output through the graphic interface
 Make sensitivity runs, distribute economic summary reports
Economically optimizes development of oil and gas complexes – reservoirs producing through parallel gathering and processing facilities to one or more offtake points. Water & solution gas (AG) are separated from oil, which is then stabilized and graded for sale. Non-associated (NAG) gas passes through a separator. AG, NAG and stabilizer & separator bottoms flow into gas plants, which output acid gas (→ sulfur plant), sales gas & natural gas liquids (NGL). The latter is split into components in an NGL plant. Produced water is injected along with makeup water into water flooded reservoirs. Aramco, Kuwait Oil, Santos
Price: GOMAN $70000 + 25,000 contracted Annual Maintenance
(Software is for unlimited ownership of purchased version.
Annual Maintenance is for improvements, access to latest versions,
fixing any bugs, plus 24 hour help on a problem encountered)
* Note – None of these prices include your local agent or local
government fees
Discounts Given on Two or More Software Orders
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A quick tutoriasl on how to rapidly build a model with Maraco’s Optimal Production Planning tool GOMAN

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