Software Training

Our training begins the moment you buy any of our software programs. You will receive a most comprehensive Users Manual, which is constantly being updated as we continue to make improvements in our software.

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Many companies do not have the manpower, or time to learn software, or do not even want to buy our software. However, if they have a problem needing a solution, Drs. Elmer Dougherty and Jincai Chang especially enjoy solving problems for the oil patch, being petroleum engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians.  Our clients include Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Company, and TOTAL Indonesia, Pau and the Netherlands. If you like to apply our tools and capabilities to a situation you need to evaluate, we would be pleased to assist you in a consulting role.

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One of the big reasons for you to buy our software is our support.  Maraco Inc. is small, which allows us to act swiftly as well as being adaptable to your needs.  Our clients stay loyal year after year, as we are always available to help them.  You can expect us to respond within 24 hours, whether your work week is Monday through Friday, or in the case of our Middle East clients, Saturday and Sunday.


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