GMAN – The Optimizing Gas Development Simulator

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Determine an optimal development plan for one or more interconnected gas reservoirs

Create model and input data for reservoir-surface network using GMAN.DAT

Pass input file to GMAN.SIM simulation module embedded in GMAN.OPT

Input economic data into GMAN.OPT

Define CAPEX, OPEX, discount, escalation rates and other economic factors for all components of the system including off-shore platform costs

Run GMAN.OPT which determines the optimal schedule of wells and compressors that meets the targeted rate for the planning horizon

–  GMAN.SIM computes pressure and production rates via nodal analysis (reservoir, tubing and surface network)

–  GMAN.OPT adds the most economic wells or compressors to fill a shortfall from the target sequentially through time

–  When no economic alternative is available, GMAN.OPT discontinues development, gives the production schedule and reports the shortfall

Pass optimal schedule to GMAN.SIM to fine tune development plan

Compute nodal analysis (reservoir, tubing and surface network)

Suite of three integrated software modules:

–  GMAN.DAT: Model creation and data entry module

–  GMAN.SIM: Gas reservoir nodal analysis simulation module with characteristics similar to GasPal

–  GMAN.OPT: Economic evaluation and development optimization module


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GMAN/      $30000 + 5500 Annual Maintenance

(Software is for unlimited ownership of purchased version.
Annual Maintenance is for improvements, access to latest versions, fixing any bugs, plus 24 hour help on a problem encountered



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