Dr. Elmer Lloyd Doughtery pg 2



Fort Hays State College 1946-48

University of Kansas B.S. Chemical Engineering 1950

University of Illinois M.S. Chemical Engineering 1951

University of Illinois Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1955


M.S. Film Boiling in the Metastable Region

Ph.D. Thermal Diffusion in Isomeric Liquid Mixtures


· Cedric K. Ferguson Medal 1964

Society of Petroleum Engineers, Best Technical Paper by Junior Member

· Distinguished Member of SPE, 1983

· J.J. Arps (Economics)Award of SPE 1989

· Western Region Service Award of SPE 1989

· Kansas Univ/Chemical/Petroleum Engineering Hall of Fame 2006


· Chemical Refinery Engineer 9/51-9/52

Esso Standard Oil Company, Baton Rouge , Louisiana

· Digital Computer Analyst/Programmer 11/54-6/58

Dow Chemical Company, Midland , Michigan & Freeport , Texas

· Research Scientist/Manager, Reservoir Analysis 6/58-9/62

California Research Corporation (Chevron), La Habra , California

· Senior Staff Mathematician/Assistant Manager 9/62-10/65

Electronic Computer Center , Standard Oil of California , San Francisco

· Manager, Management Science Department 10/65-1/68

Union Carbide Corporation, 270 Park Avenue , New York City

· President, D2 Computing Services, Inc. 1/68-6/68

Stamford , Connecticut

· Vice President and Director 6/68-8/71

Scientific Software Corporation, Denver

· Director 3/73-4/79

International Hydrodynamics, Ltd., Vancouver , B.C.

· Owner/Manager 6/80 ——

Maraco, Inc., Monarch Beach , California


· UCLA Extension, Engineering Mathematics 1959-1962

· University of California , Berkeley 1962-1965

Graduate Schools , Petroleum Engineering and Operations Research

· Stanford University , Petroleum Engineering 1964-1965

· University of Denver , Graduate School of Bus. Adm. 1969-1971

· University of Southern California 9/1971-9/1995

Professor of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering

Director, Energy Modeling Center 6/78-2/82

Emeritus Professor of Chemical & Petroleum Eng. 9/95 ——


· Society of Petroleum Engineers

· American Institute of Chemical Engineers

· Institute of Management Science/Operations Research Society of America

· International Association of Energy Economists

· Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Other Honor Societies


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