Dr. Jincai Chang



Many companies do not have the manpower, or time to learn software, or do not even want to buy our software. However, if they have a problem needing a solution, Drs. Elmer Dougherty and Jincai Chang especially enjoy solving problems for the oil patch, being petroleum engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians.  Our clients include Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Company, and TOTAL Indonesia, Pau and the Netherlands, EBN Netherlands, Tullow Oil Co. If you like to apply our tools and capabilities to a situation you need to evaluate, we would be pleased to assist you in a consulting role.

Maraco has demonstrated expertise in the following areas:


1.   Economically evaluate and plan optimal exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs. Experience includes:

NAG – SANTOS, Australia – 16 years – simulate and plan optimal development and production of gas and NGL from 50+ NAG reservoirs.

Oil – Kuwait Oil Co. – 13 years – plan optimal development and production of oil and associated gas from Kuwait’s entire inventory of existing and prospective oil reservoirs. Extension to include NAG is in process.

Oil & NAG – Aramco, Saudi Arabia – 2 ½ years laying out model spanning entire oil & NAG complex – 1st application now being tested.

Tools supporting these efforts – GOMAN & GMAN.OPT – are applicable to any single or multiple reservoir (oil and/or NAG) system.


2.   Managing and scheduling NAG reservoirs. Experience includes:

NAG – TOTAL, The Hague – 13 years – schedule production with complex market restrictions from an expanding network of North Sea reservoirs, history-match, estimate reserves, analyze well and reservoir performance including water influx and fracture and layer effects.

NAG – EBN (Dutch Govt.), The Netherlands – 13 years – optimal expansion of North Sea network, analyze backout interference, model Gronigen Field with its production ring, convert Petrel grid to GasPal.

NAG –  TOTAL, Indonesia – 4 years – schedule production from network with 700 wells, 23 platforms, develop similar models of other fields, analyze well performance and production from formation with up to 30 permeable layers, history-match wells and reservoirs, estimate reserves.

Tools supporting these efforts – GasPal, GMAN, TFR, UPSCLR – are applicable to any single or multiple NAG system.


3.  Analyze performance and plan operation of gas storage reservoirs. Experience includes:

SoCalGas, Los Angeles – Optimal design of gas storage complex, determine best size of cushion gas, estimate size & effect of aquifer, blowdown storage reservoir with gas dissolved in residual oil, statistical estimation of oil & gas reserves. – Tools – GasTop, OilGasMat, GasPal – are applicable to any storage system.


4.   Maraco welcomes the opportunity to assist producers in improving their operation. Maraco is flexible – in size and tenure of professional engagements and, in recognition of today’s economic situation, in contract terms.






Cloud computing, the today’s evolving computational system, provides users a well-suited data processing alternative. Instead of the up front capital expense of a computer and software, and the ongoing cost of a staff of computing specialists, users pay the cost of analytical services as they are needed — conveniently over the web. The service could consist of routine solutions, or problem analysis and solution formulation leading to a suitable solution service. Maraco, with its demonstrated consulting experience, is fully capable and prepared to service clients. Companies, smaller ones in particular, find buying chunks of expertise as needed is a most pragmatic procedure.


Maraco has the expertise to provide the following services to clients:. optimizing production plans for producers,

  • b. generating regular production schedules,
  • c. making analyses and case studies,
  • d. estimating reserves,
  • e. building a database for reservoir analyses,
  • f. storing and processing clients’ data as needed.

Pricing is based on a project’s scope and work needed. What’s important for a potential client to know is we have successfully completed large and complex jobs for ARAMCO, Kuwait Oil Co, & TOTAL as well as small, special studies for Southern California Gas Co.

Maraco provides free initial consultation to understand needs and data sufficient to prepare a proposal — stating work that will be done, deliverables, and cost. The latter is based on time, materials and non technical support expense.