Listen to Maraco Inc. President Dr. Elmer Lloyd Doughtery talk about “Why Maraco Inc. is the right choice for your needs.




Why do clients continue to contract Maraco for software and services? Three words tell the story — reliability, dependability, and quality.

Reliability – Results are accurate and the programs run. In response to the challenge, we have over and over shown through tests that numbers coming out are correct.

Dependability – Clients know that when a problem arises, Maraco will solve it fast. All complex and evolving software has bugs. We fix them posthaste when called to our attention.

Quality – All our programs display cutting edge technology. Three examples from our GasPal planning system.

1. In competition with all the world’s contenders — including Schlumberger — TOTAL selected GasPal as its sole planning tool for the reservoirs off Kalimantan.

2.EBN -The Netherlands – uses GasPal because it can compute flow of production through a surface pipe ring to variable offtake delivery lines.

3. Recent additions include

— Grand Input/Output feature that allows data for hundreds of wells to be entered through a single screen and passes computed results to an Access database from which selected sets of vectors can conveniently be extracted.

— Run Comparison feature that stores results of up to 5 sequential GasPal runs in a text file from which it then extracts data and prints comparison graphs.

–Havlena-Odeh feature that computes and prints a Cole plot along with a P/Z plot on the same graph assuring better estimates of drive mechanism and gas-in-place.

Dr. ELloyd Dougherty

Emeritus Professor, UnivSoCalif

Pres., Maraco, Inc

Maraco Inc.– renowned for quality and dependability had its beginnings when it was incorporated in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA.  Its first client was Santos, the largest natural gas operator in Australia.  SIPS, Santos Investment Planning System was used by Santos for 16 years to develop and produce over 30 reservoirs to meet a sales gas contract while maximizing revenue from liquids recovery.

Maraco Inc. provides leading-edge software, consulting and training services to oil and gas producers such as EBN (The Netherlands), TOTAL (The Netherlands, France and Balikpapan, Indonesia), Kuwait (Kuwait Oil), and Aramco (Saudi Arabia), Tullow (London), Dana Gas (Cairo) and INPEX (Tokyo).  Long recognized for optimizing investment planning of gas/oil producing/processing operations, Maraco delivers and supports creative analysis tools that enhance decisions.

GasPal, Maraco’s gas reservoir planning system is a world-class tool that delivers fast, reliable performance predictions for one or many reservoirs while accounting for details of well performance and surface flow.  A current application schedules production from fields with 23 existing platforms with over 800 wells.  Because Maraco is small, we act quickly and flexibly to assist customers.  A long timer says, “If you want a software fix now, use Maraco Inc.”

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